In 1997 I visited New York, and like most tourists of the day went downtown to go to the top of the World Trade Center. Lucky for me, the weather was fine and clear, so they actually allowed us out onto the roof. 5 years later, that building laid in dust after America’s worst terror attack. Broadcast live across the world 2 billion watched as the iconic building crumbled after planes flew into the towers, a terror…

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#aselfieaday is a new project I have started based around taking one selfie a day and highlighting them in this gallery. It would be like a ongoing history and pictorial journal. There is no rule to when, where and what time the selfie will be taken…and there are no touch ups or filters. It is what is it…some are good days and some, well, are not! You think it might be easy to take a…

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I believe in the EU and it’s idealism. Although it is not perfect, the UK as a member can help mould it to become what it needs to be. I believe it is better for the UK, better for Europe, better for us all…we should be building bridges not building walls…. These are the main points I believe the OUT campaigners seems to be using…and these are the reasons why we should stay. 1. Immigration…

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Safari 2016: Krueger National Park

Here is a collection of images from my recent Safari in South Africa’s Krueger National Park. It was an incredible experience, and these are but a few of the pics I took while there. Most of these have been post processed to capture the feeling of the trip.

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PHOTOGRAPHY: My All Time Top 10 Sunsets

I think the title says it all. These are my all time top 10 sunsets from around the world. The top 10 isn’t based just on the image but also the experience that goes with it.

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Canada Xmas 2015

Here are a few photos taken over Christmas when I visited Canada. All images subject to copyright.

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